Woman’s Amazing Basketball Shot Wins Her Free Beer for a Year

In a thrilling moment during a recent Edmonton Stingers basketball game, a fan won herself free beer for an entire year. Here’s what happened.

Basketball Brilliance

Blyss Ward, a dedicated follower of the Edmonton Stingers, found herself in the spotlight as she took on the challenge of the half-court shot. The shot, which took place during a contest held by the Polar Brewing Company, has since gone viral on social media.

With nearly 4,000 people eagerly watching her, the pressure was immense. However, Blyss rose to the occasion, displaying her basketball skills with poise and confidence.

An Amazing Accomplishment

In a video capturing the moment, she sprinted toward the half-court line and released the ball just before the buzzer sounded.

The eruption of cheers and applause from the crowd signified her victory and ignited the entire stadium.

As the video circulated, people from all over marveled at her impressive display of skill and accuracy. Notably, her favorite basketball team, the Edmonton Stingers, showed their support by applauding her accomplishment from the sidelines.


In an interview following her remarkable feat, Blyss Ward admitted that she was initially in a state of shock after hitting the shot. The magnitude of her accomplishment took a moment to sink in, but she attributed her success to the surge of adrenaline that propelled her toward her goal.

While Blyss had previously attempted similar shots for fun, the pressure of performing in front of a large audience and using a men’s size basketball on a professional-sized court added an extra layer of difficulty.

Year Supply of Beer

As news of Ward’s victory spread, inquiries from friends and family members poured in regarding her newfound supply of free beer. Blyss expressed her willingness to share the win, acknowledging that she would need help in drinking the year’s supply.

Several Twitter users shared their support for Ward’s victory. One Twitter user wrote, “This is what dreams are made of. Nailing a half-court shot AND free beer!”

Another user commented, “This was incredible to see in person! Amazing shot, Blyss!”

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