Pregnant Women Who Are Black, Low-Income or Tattooed Are More Likely to Be Drug Tested During Pregnancy Without Consent According to Doctors

Prepare to be shocked as a new mom’s explosive TikTok video sheds light on a concerning practice happening behind closed doors in hospitals. 

Without Consent

In a brave and candid discussion, she exposes her personal experience of being medically profiled during her pregnancy, revealing the alarming revelation that pregnant patients are being secretly subjected to drug tests without their consent.

This viral TikTok video, featuring Shannon M. Clark, MD, FACOG, known as @tiktokbabydoc on the platform, has set the internet ablaze with its eye-opening revelations. 

Dr. Clark courageously highlights the issue, asserting that this invasive practice primarily targets specific groups of women, including those of color, individuals from low-income areas, those with tattoos, and those labeled as “difficult” by medical professionals.

In her caption, she firmly states that drug testing should only occur with the patient’s informed consent and when it is genuinely indicated.

Patient Profiling

The act of making biased assumptions about patients based on external factors, such as their appearance, is commonly referred to as patient profiling. Dr. Clark’s TikTok struck a chord with one particular mom, who stitched the video to share her own harrowing story. 

Introducing herself as @cinnamonstyx95, she passionately addresses the issue, revealing her shock and disbelief upon discovering that she had been subjected to drug tests without her knowledge or consent during her pregnancy.

@cinnamonstyx95 attributes this unwarranted treatment to the visible presence of multiple tattoos and piercings on her body. She recounts the distressing encounters with judgmental nurses and doctors who immediately assumed she was engaged in drug use while expecting. 

Unnecessary Comments

As if being drug tested without consent wasn’t distressing enough, @cinnamonstyx95 adds that a nurse went as far as making unnecessary comments about her tattoos, undermining her pain management choices.

The nurse, using a highly questionable rationale, suggested that because @cinnamonstyx95 was able to endure the pain of getting tattoos, she should not require an epidural during childbirth.

To compound her ordeal, @cinnamonstyx95 shares an even more egregious violation of her privacy. Another nurse callously divulged intimate details about her pregnancy in a public hallway, further perpetuating the humiliation and distress caused by patient profiling.

As the video concludes, @cinnamonstyx95 powerfully asserts the reality of patient profiling, leaving viewers with a chilling reminder of the far-reaching consequences of such discriminatory practices.


The comment section of her TikTok video quickly filled with empathy and solidarity from other women who resonated with her story. 

Many pointed out that the nurses had potentially violated HIPAA, a federal law designed to safeguard patient privacy by prohibiting the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive health information.

Furthermore, users expressed disbelief at the suggestion that tattoos could negate the need for pain relief during labor, highlighting the absurdity of equating tattoo pain with the intensity of childbirth.

Not everyone readily accepted @cinnamonstyx95’s account. Some individuals argued that routine drug testing is a standard procedure for all expectant mothers.

Undeterred, @cinnamonstyx95 pushed back, asserting that when she confronted her nurses about the lack of information regarding the tests, they callously justified their actions by claiming she “looked like” someone who used drugs. 

Diverse Opinion

In a shocking revelation, another user chimed in with her own similar experience, sharing that she was subjected to drug testing merely because she appeared “out of it.”

The ensuing discussion on the platform showcased a diverse range of opinions. While some agreed with @cinnamonstyx95’s perspective and condemned the nurses’ actions, others contended that the medical professionals were merely fulfilling their duties.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that while different hospitals may have varying protocols for drug testing pregnant patients, it is crucial for nurses and medical professionals to be transparent and honest with their patients about the procedures and tests being conducted.

This powerful TikTok video and the ensuing conversation serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of respectful and unbiased treatment in healthcare.

Building Trust

Moving forward, it is essential for healthcare institutions to address this issue head-on.

Training programs should be implemented to educate medical professionals about the dangers of patient profiling and the significance of obtaining informed consent. Hospital policies must be reviewed to ensure that patient rights and privacy are respected at all times.

Additionally, fostering an environment of open communication and trust between healthcare providers and patients is paramount to create a safe and supportive experience for all.

As this TikTok video continues to circulate and spark conversations, it is hoped that it will serve as a catalyst for positive change within the medical community. Every individual, regardless of their appearance, socioeconomic status, or personal circumstances, deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

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