Mental Breakdown: He Will NEVER Work in Fast Food Again! Find Out Why….

This Redditor tells the story of how working in the fast food sector really drove him round the bend.

His First Job

Let’s start this story by mentioning that Caden, who is currently 21 years old, was just 20 at the time. This information is pretty crucial to understanding what happened.

When he was 18, he got his first job at the local Subway sandwich shop, and boy, he quickly learned how awful fast food jobs can be. 

The team at Subway consisted of around ten people, including Caden. He had two managers, a General Manager (GM) who became his friend and a District Manager (DM) who initially seemed like someone to look up to until her true colors started showing.

Jack of All Trades

Caden ended up working at Subway for about two years and even became a shift lead at one point.

For those unfamiliar, the hierarchy at most Subways goes from shift lead to GM to DM.

Although Caden didn’t stay as a shift lead for long, he was a jack of all trades since he worked both day and night shifts. He knew every task and job there was, not just making food.

However, knowing every job meant that they expected Caden to come in pretty much anytime they needed him. Around that time, he had just started college, and on top of that, the US was dealing with the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The stress of balancing college and work, along with the fear of getting sick, was taking its toll on everyone. 

A Stressful Existence

Among the many issues he faced, the first one happened when he got the Covid-19 booster shot. Like many others, he got super sick from it.

But despite feeling awful, he was still expected to show up for work, which resulted in him getting dizzy and nearly passing out from exhaustion.

Even after he recovered, the demands on his time didn’t let up. There were instances where he closed the shop one night, worked an 8-hour shift, and then had to open the next morning. It was a grueling schedule that affected his sleep as well.

It All Became Too Much

Eventually, it became too much, and he decided to step down from the shift lead position to focus on his own well-being. Of course, the DM didn’t take kindly to this decision.

The DM would complain about things not being done properly on the shifts where Caden was present. It seemed like there was always something for her to nitpick, most of which turned out to be baseless accusations.

Moreover, she had a favorite saying: “I can do this job by myself, and you’re all replaceable!” Caden hated this attitude, so he decided to bring some petty revenge into play.

He Took Some Time Off to Refocus

Fed up with the constant rudeness from both corporate and customers, Caden decided to take some time off to focus on his mental health. He followed the standard practice of requesting time off, giving his GM a two-week notice, and she was perfectly fine with it.

However, when he brought it up to the DM, she refused to accept it, claiming it was “too short notice.” None of the requested days coincided with the truck delivery day, which was on Thursdays, so there was no reason to deny it.

Breaking Point

Caden reached his breaking point and warned her that if she didn’t grant him the time off, he would have no choice but to put in his two weeks notice and quit.

In response, she threw the same “you’re replaceable” nonsense at him, and that was it. He was done!

Waiting for a Friday, the busiest day of the week, Caden noticed that the other people scheduled for the shift consisted of only one person who knew most of the tasks except closing the safe (which Caden could do) and two minors who couldn’t even operate the oven by themselves.

Revenge to Prove Her Wrong

Fine, if the DM thought he was so easily replaceable, he would prove her wrong. He switched his phone to silent mode, blocked their numbers, and refused to answer any calls.

Yeah, he knew he was in the wrong by getting one over them, but if she claimed she could handle the store all by herself, then she should have come in on a day she wasn’t scheduled and covered his spot.

After not showing up, Caden later found out that she had to come in and fix everything. Well, serves her right – Caden couldn’t care less!

Look After Your Mental Health

This story serves as a reminder that we should never compromise our mental and emotional well-being for the sake of a job or any external pressure.

Taking care of ourselves should always be a top priority. It’s important to recognize when a situation becomes detrimental to our mental health and to take proactive steps to protect ourselves.

The main message Caden wants to convey to those who’ve read this far is to please be nice and considerate to fast food workers.

They’re already overworked and stressed enough as it is. So, think about how you want to be treated and show some kindness the next time you order fast food.

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