Robot Revolution: Josh Shapiro Unveils AI Integration in Pennsylvania’s Government System

Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro announced on Wednesday that the Pennsylvania state government is poised to integrate artificial intelligence into its operations. Here’s the whole story.

The News Conference

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At a news conference at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Governor Shapiro explained the need for the state’s administration to engage with AI proactively.

A Comprehensive Plan

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He outlined a comprehensive plan that includes forming an AI governing board, establishing guiding principles for AI implementation, and developing training programs for state employees.

Responsible Use of AI

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Governor Shapiro highlighted the importance of ensuring AI’s safe and responsible use in both public and private sectors.

Develop AI for the Betterment

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He said, “We don’t want to let AI happen to us. We want to be part of helping develop AI for the betterment of our citizens.”

The Fellowship Program

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Central to this initiative is the launching a two-year fellowship program to recruit AI experts.

These experts will play an essential role in helping various state agencies to integrate AI into their operations effectively.

Safety Measures

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Notably, public safety agencies have already commenced consultations with AI specialists to fortify defenses against potential AI-driven threats, such as fraud.

The Governing Board

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The governance of AI implementation will be overseen by a board comprising senior administration officials in collaboration with the esteemed faculty at Carnegie Mellon.

Their mandate includes guiding the development, procurement, and application of AI technologies.

Several States Have Initiated Efforts

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Across the United States, AI has become policymakers’ focal point of concern.

States, including Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia, have initiated efforts to investigate the multifaceted impacts of AI.

California Took a Big Step

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California, in particular, has taken significant strides in this direction.

Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed an executive order to conduct a comprehensive study on AI’s development, usage, and associated risks.

AI Related Bills

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Moreover, legislators in over 25 states have introduced bills addressing various aspects of AI, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures.

Effects of AI

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In Pennsylvania, lawmakers have introduced several bills to study the effects of AI within the state.

More Bills

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One proposed bill seeks to empower caseworkers with AI tools to aid in assessing individuals’ eligibility for government programs and detecting instances of fraud.

Another bill focuses on establishing a registry of companies producing software with algorithmic logic for automated calls, voice prompts, and text-based interactions online.

The Public Shared Their Views

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Several commenters expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One commenter wrote, “All you’re doing, Josh, and I think you realize this–is to add a new, random source of voters by pretending the names and addresses (I assume most are already voters) have just registered and will be “automatically” added to ballot design throughout the state of PA. Legal protection.”

Fake “Artificial” Intelligence

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Another added, “You like fake “artificial” intelligence. Most Pennsylvanians prefer natural intelligence, which requires no need to adapt. Plus, there is zero ethics in government, so expecting the government to do anything ethically is just disingenuous. We’re not as stupid as you think.”

AI Is So Complex

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A third commented, “The concepts of AI are so complex and world-changing, requiring the brains of more than one person to attempt to understand the future.”

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