“Woke Left-Wing Indoctrination” – Elementary School Hires Drag Queen Principal Amid Huge Backlash From Parents

Hiring a drag queen as an elementary school principal in Oklahoma has ignited a heated debate over the role of gender identity and values in the education system. Here’s the whole story.

The Problem

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The controversy began when it was revealed that Shane Murnan, under the persona of “Shantel Mandalay,” had been hired as an elementary school principal.

A Famous Drag Queen

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Murnan is a well-known drag queen in the local community, and this dual identity raised questions among parents and educators alike.

She Faced Charged Before

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The school district also acknowledged Shane Murnan’s prior charges related to child pornography, which were dismissed over 20 years ago.

They Were Dropped

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The charges were dropped because it could not be proven that the images involved individuals under the age of 18.

The Superintendent Opposed

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Superintendent Ryan Walters expressed his strong opposition to having a drag queen lead an elementary school, stating that it does not align with Oklahoma’s values.

It’s Outrageous

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In an interview with Fox News Digital, Walters said “It’s outrageous to have a drag queen running a school, you know, here in Oklahoma that doesn’t line up with Oklahoma values.”

Woke Left-Wing Indoctrination

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“I hear from parents every day that are concerned with this woke left-wing indoctrination or schools, this gender theory that continues to be thrust upon our kids. It’s completely inappropriate,” he added.

Agenda for the Kids

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Furthermore, Walters raised broader concerns about the influence of the left in K-12 education, saying “I think that the left has absolutely an agenda for our kids that they are at war with our kids in the classroom.”

The End Goal

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“What they are doing is injecting this ideology for an end goal here. Their end goal is to absolutely break down a child’s mind, break down the classroom, break down the family, and you see the results that have come from this,” he continued.

Leftist Ideology

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“They want kids to turn on their parents and only listen to their leftist ideology,” he said.

Walters went on to explain how the left imposed their ideology.

The Process

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“You start…. breaking them apart and say, listen, you’re gender-fluid. Listen, you can change your pronouns…. Look at the sexual material. When the kid takes it home and their parents are outraged by it, the kids turn on their parents. This is absolutely trying to break down that family unit, so the kid is more susceptible to the most radical Marxist gender ideology we’ve ever seen to pit groups of people against each other. And frankly, it’s to create Democrat voters,” Walters explained.

Woke War on Kids

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“No parent wants to send their kids to school knowing that they could be exposed to this radical gender theory in any capacity. This woke war on our kids has to stop. We will not allow it in Oklahoma,” he added.

Liberal Insanity

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“This is the liberal insanity that every parent wants out of the classroom,” he concluded.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

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Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Thank God for Mr. Walters. Everything he said is spot on and exactly how we feel about what our schools should teach.”

Twisted and Bizarre

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Another user added, “This is twisted and bizarre. Those poor kids shouldn’t be subjected to this insanity!”

Destroying American Values

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A third user commented, “Destroying American values is the primary goal of the leftist agenda.”

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