Disturbing Content Aimed at Your Children – It Was Labeled as ‘Safe’ So Which Apps Can You Really Trust With Your Kids?

A recent viral video has brought attention to the alarming ease with which disturbing and potentially unsafe content can infiltrate the YouTube Kids algorithm, raising concerns for parents about the effectiveness of security settings and the safety of their children. 

A Shocking Video

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The video, shared on TikTok by a concerned mother, captures a shocking moment when an innocent cartoon takes a sinister turn, prompting a call for increased vigilance.

Thomas The Terrifying

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In the now-viral TikTok video, a mother records the video her son watched on YouTube Kids, featuring the beloved character Thomas the Tank Engine. 

Death Threats

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The video suddenly takes a dark twist as the train adopts an evil persona, uttering chilling words: “I’m gonna chug. I’m gonna choo. I’m gonna kill the lot of you!”


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The shocked mother, identified as TikTok user Hannah Bishop, accompanied the video with a warning to parents, highlighting the need for caution when allowing children to use the platform.

Parallels to Another Video

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Bishop’s video swiftly garnered attention, with many parents expressing their own anxieties in the comments section, drawing parallels to the infamous “Elsagate” controversy that unfolded a few years ago. 

Very Inappropriate for Young Viewers

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“Elsagate” refers to the discovery of child-friendly videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids, featuring characters from popular franchises, but containing inappropriate themes and content not suitable for young viewers.

Unsafe Content Slips Through

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Despite filters and categorizations, these videos managed to slip through and create concerns regarding child safety.

Platforms Struggle to Keep Viewers Safe

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The reference to “Elsagate” reminds us of the challenges that platforms like YouTube Kids faced in the past.

Fines For Youtube

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The controversial videos featuring unauthorized use of characters, most notably Elsa from “Frozen,” led to significant fines for YouTube Kids and a subsequent crackdown on inappropriate content. 

Stricter Measures Imposed

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The company had to implement stricter measures to prevent such content from reaching young audiences.

Stay Vigilant

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While YouTube Kids has taken steps to address the issue, this recent incident underscores the importance of ongoing vigilance from parents.

Monitor Kids Online

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It serves as a reminder to regularly monitor the content accessed by children and explore alternative platforms or subscriptions that prioritize age-appropriate and safe content. 

It’s Not Worth Having

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“Drop YouTube kids. Not worth having to verify all the content and still potentially miss something. Pbs Kids or even a curated Netflix is better,” one viewer suggested. 


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Asti Mak

“Yeah I deleted YouTube kids long time ago. I was tired of blocking accounts and new account just kept popping up everyday,” someone said. 

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