Florida Forbids Using Preferred Pronouns and Non-Birth-Gender Bathroom to Comply With State Law

The Orange County Public Schools, one of the largest and most prominent school districts in Florida, recently made headlines with the issuance of new guidelines that have stirred significant controversy. Here’s the full story.

One of the Largest Schools

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The Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), serving over 209,000 students across 210 schools, unveiled the new guidance for the 2023-24 academic year.

The New Laws

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These guidelines were issued in response to two recently enacted Florida laws: House Bill 1069 and House Bill 1521.

The Controversies

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While proponents argue that these laws prioritize clarity and protect certain values, critics contend that they disproportionately affect transgender individuals and create an environment that may marginalize or discriminate against them.

Cannot Teach About Human Sexuality

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House Bill 1069 restricts the teaching of topics related to sex and human sexuality.

Ban on Using Pronouns

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As a consequence, OCPS now mandates that Trans employees cannot share personal pronouns that differ from their “biological sex at birth.”

The law also prohibits employees from asking students for their preferred pronouns.

A Hostile Environment

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Critics argue that such policies may contribute to an unwelcoming or even hostile environment for transgender students and staff members.

Alternatives for Pronouns

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The school district’s deputy general counsel, John C. Palmerini, outlined possible alternatives for educators concerned about the use of pronouns.

Nicknames Acceptable Just No “They”

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According to the memo, they can opt to use students’ first or last names when addressing them, or parents can submit forms indicating nicknames.

The Punishments Are Severe

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However, the potential consequences for educators who violate these rules are severe.

The State Board of Education has the authority to impose sanctions, including the revocation of teaching certificates.

Trans People Cannot User Different Bathrooms Again

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House Bill 1521, also known as the “Safety in Private Spaces Act,” requires public facilities, including educational institutions, to segregate bathrooms and changing facilities based on “biological sex at birth.”

Must User Restrooms Corresponding With Birth Sex

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Transgender students and staff members must use single-stall restrooms or designated facilities that correspond to their birth sex.

Disciplinary Action

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Trans students who enter restrooms or changing facilities designated for their birth sex could face disciplinary action under the new guidance.

Will Be Subjected to Discipline

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Additionally, staff members who do not adhere to the restroom regulations may be subject to discipline.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

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Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Now let’s make this happen across America. End the 1984 hellscape, and focus on actually educating children instead of indoctrinating them.”

Common Sense Prevails

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Another user commented, “It should never have had to come to this.  But at last, common sense prevails.”

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