Braun Causes Division for Featuring Trans Man in Shaving Ad

In a move towards inclusivity, Braun’s recent advert for their Hybrid Trimmers featuring a Trans man has ignited a controversial debate. Here’s the whole story.

The Ad

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has confirmed the reception of complaints about the advert, prompting a review.

The ad featured a Trans model displaying his double mastectomy scars.

The Trimmer

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According to Braun’s website, the Series X Hybrid Trimmers are marketed as a versatile tool that enables users to effortlessly trim, style, and shave.

Critics Shared Their Concerns

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However, the inclusivity of the brand’s messaging has encountered resistance from anti-trans campaigners.

Shockingly Immoral

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Maya Forstater, in an interview with The Telegraph, expressed her dismay, deeming the advert “shockingly immoral.”

The Prediction

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Meanwhile, TalkTV presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer predicted a decline in Braun’s sales due to their decision to feature a trans model.

Irresponsible Advertising

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In a televised debate on “irresponsible advertising,” Hartley-Brewer explained her personal aversion to the ad, making it clear that her sentiments were not rooted in transphobia.

Gender Dysphoria

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She labeled the campaign as “horrific” and linked it to gender dysphoria, which she classified as a mental health condition.

Several Critics Joined In

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James Esses, another vocal anti-trans campaigner, echoed Hartley-Brewer’s sentiments and called it doubly disgraceful.

There Were Support

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However, Chay Brown, the operations director at the pro-trans organization TransActual, expressed his shock at the offense taken and support for the campaign.

Brown said, “It’s a man advertising a shaving product; shirtless men doing this are nothing new.”

We Applaud Braun

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He commended Braun for their inclusive casting, saying, “We applaud Braun for their inclusive casting. By [featuring] a trans man in their advertising, they’re reflecting the fact that some trans men and non-binary people (and trans women) use their products.”

The Importance of the Advert

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Brown also underscored the importance of companies reflecting their entire customer base because “that’s part of building an inclusive society.”

This Has Happened Before

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However, this was not the first time a razor company has encountered a transphobic backlash.

A Similar Incident

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In June 2022, Harry’s faced similar opposition for collaborating with transgender influencer Luke Wesley Pearson.

The Public Shared Their Views

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Several commenters expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One wrote, “I would rather use a straight razor than purchase a product from a company that does not know what a man is.”


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Another added, “They are basically just saying trans people shouldn’t exist at this point – bigots love having a group they feel they can attack freely… trans people are bearing the brunt of a lot of rage those bigots harbor to every minority they can’t publicly slur anymore.”

Capitalism at Its Finest

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A third commented, “He’s actually able to grow a beard. They’re expanding their marketing to include ALL who could benefit from their merchandise. I don’t see an issue with it. Why do people feel threatened by this? It’s capitalism at its finest.”

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