“A Circus” – Between Biden’s Faux Pas and 90-Year-Old Senator Feinstein’s Confusion, Is Anyone in Power Fit to Run the Country? Just Say, ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’!

In a recent committee vote, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a prominent figure in American politics, appeared confused, adding to the mounting worries about her physical decline impacting her role in Congress. Here’s the full story.

The Meeting

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During a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting chaired by Sen. Patty Murray, members were asked to vote on the Defense Appropriations Act.

She Was Confused

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However, when it was Feinstein’s turn to vote, she appeared to get confused. Instead of stating a clear “aye” or “nay,” she began reading aloud a statement, causing a momentary pause in the proceedings.

She Was Advised to Say “Aye”

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An aide gently nudged her to vote, and Sen. Murray, sitting beside her, advised her to simply say “Aye.” With a smile, Feinstein eventually voted “Aye.”

She’s Battling With Shingles

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The incident comes after Feinstein’s recent absence due to a battle with shingles, which kept her away from congressional duties for over two months.

The Democrats Held a Slim Majority

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The Democratic Party’s slim majority in the Senate made her temporary departure consequential, stalling President Biden’s judicial nominees and other important legislative business confirmations.

Concerns About Her Health

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Some members of the Democratic Party called for her resignation amid concerns about her health and ability to fulfill her duties effectively.

She Returned After Recovering

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Feinstein’s return to the Senate in May, after recovering from encephalitis—a dangerous complication of shingles that causes brain inflammation—has been marked by occasional moments of confusion.

There Were Several Incidents

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Reports from The Washington Post have highlighted instances where she seemed disoriented, causing some to question her fitness to serve.

She Gets Angry

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One incident involved her response to a reporter’s question about her return to the Senate, where she appeared irritated and asserted, “I haven’t been gone; I’ve been here. I’ve been voting.”

The Meeting Was Chaotic

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A spokesperson for Feinstein explained that the committee meeting was chaotic, with constant switching between statements, votes, and debates.

She Doesn’t Know What’s Happening

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They stated that the senator was preoccupied, unaware that the vote had been called, and inadvertently started giving a statement before realizing it was time to vote.

She Won’t Seek Re-election

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Although Feinstein is not seeking re-election, she has expressed her intention to serve out the remainder of her term until early 2025.

“From Senators to Puppets”

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Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Fossils belong in museums, not the halls of Congress or the White House. This applies on BOTH sides of the aisle,” while another user added, “From Senators to puppets “just say aye” who is behind the circus?”

“Cognitively Impaired People “Running” Our Government?”

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A third user commented, “Dear lord. Feinstein, McConnell, Fetterman, Pelosi, and especially Biden… How is it possible that we have so damn many cognitively impaired people “running” our government? This is ridiculous. And embarrassing for all Americans.”

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