Trump’s Comments on Biden Interview, Claiming Media Bias and Favoritism

President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with the television show “60 Minutes,” with his predecessor, Donald Trump, who didn’t hold back his views after the interview aired. Here’s the whole story. 

Trump Speaks Out About Biden’s “60 Minutes” Interview

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After President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with the television show “60 Minutes,” his rival, Donald Trump, shared his own opinions about Biden’s interview. 

They Should Be Ashamed

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Trump said the show “should be ashamed of themselves” after airing their interview with “Crooked Joe Biden.”

Campaign Contributions for the Democratic Party

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Trump claimed that the interview “should be considered a campaign contribution to the Democrat party” since they “led him along like a lost child” with the questions they asked. 

Weak Questions 

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According to Trump’s post, the questions for Biden were presented “weakly and apologetically,” and “each question contained the answer.”

They Never Apologized to Trump

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Trump claimed that the show “never apologized” to him over “mistakes they made” on a previous episode about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Corrupt and Incompetent President 

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He claimed the network is “protecting Biden even though he is the most corrupt and incompetent President in the history of the United States.” 

Free Public Airwaves

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Trump asked, “Why should CBS get free public airwaves for this highly bipartisan show?” 

Biden Regime Is Good at Going After Trump

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Trump said that the “Biden Regime” does do one thing well, though, and that is going after “Crooked Joe’s political opponent, ME, but even that will fail.”

Biden’s “Disasters”

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Trump mentioned Biden’s “disasters” online: “Inflation, bad economy, the open border, horrendous Afghanistan embarrassment, gas prices, our great autoworker death march, and so much more.”

Once Great USA

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Trump said that these things make Biden “a total disaster for our once great USA.”

Critics Pick Sides

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Some critics shared Trump’s disdain for “60 Minutes,” while others stood behind Biden and his interview, saying he did a wonderful job. 

Trump’s Remarks Are Embarrassing 

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One person lashed out at Trump in the comments, saying, “A former president running for office should focus on the issues and present his ideas to solve those issues.”

This person called Trump’s remarks “embarrassing.”

Comments on Biden’s Manner

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Another person commented on President Biden’s appearance during the interview: “He looked like he slept through the interview.” This person was concerned about the president’s “very low energy.”

He Didn’t Walk Out

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A few people brought up a previous interview Trump walked out on. One person commented, “At least he was man enough not to walk out on the interview.”

Complex Questions 

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Another person said that Trump walked out of an interview because “the questions were too complex.”

Greed and Bias 

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One person commented that the “so-called news agencies have succumbed to greed and bias.”

Trump’s Comments

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A meme in the comments showed a picture of Trump talking to the media with the caption, “[Trump] never backed down to the news media.”

Trump Criticizes News Media Outlets

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Trump has been known to call out news media outlets for reporting what he deemed biased on several occasions. 

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