Trump Declares ‘a Big Win’ in Georgia Primary Polls Not Scheduled for Months

Former President Donald Trump is once again capturing headlines with his confident assertion of victory in Georgia’s Republican presidential primary, despite the fact that the primary isn’t scheduled for another nine months.

The Frontrunner Among Republican Contenders

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Online, Trump shared the results of a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll that positioned him as the frontrunner among Republican contenders in the state.

Legal Trouble

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This audacious declaration comes amidst legal troubles stemming from his claims of election fraud in the 2020 election.

The Poll Numbers

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The poll indicated that Trump held a commanding lead, securing 57 percent support from respondents.

DeSantis and Pence Followed

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailed far behind in second place with 15 percent, and former Vice President Mike Pence trailed even further at 4 percent.

Seizing the Opportunity

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Trump seized upon the results as evidence of his popularity in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state.

A Big Win in Georgia

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In his post, Trump wrote, “Wow! A big win in Georgia for President Trump! Georgia, which is absolutely a Republican state – I have no doubt about it, bad things happened – is showing up big.

They demand accountability and they demand it now. So sad what has happened to one of the greatest places on Earth. But we will win in 2024,”

Make America Great Again

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He continued, “Georgia will lead the way. I believe Georgia’s gonna lead the way, and we will make America great again.

We have to take back our country – 2024, the most important election maybe that this country has ever had because our country’s going bad.”

A Failing Nation

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“We’re a failing nation. Georgia is going to lead the way. You watch. Thank you very much,” he added.

Unfounded Claims of Election Fraud

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Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud in the 2020 election have been well-documented, and they continue to shape his political narrative.

The Legal Repercussions

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His controversial phone call with Georgia’s secretary of state, in which he requested the “finding” of additional votes to secure his victory in the state, drew legal repercussions.

The allegations and legal proceedings surrounding this incident have led to multiple indictments in federal and state courts.

Facing 91 Charges

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Facing a total of 91 charges, Trump has entered a not-guilty plea to all counts.

An upcoming arraignment in state court adds another layer to his legal battles.

The Mugshot

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Notably, Trump and his co-conspirators were recently booked at the Fulton County Jail, with their mugshots released to the public.

Trump’s Unindicted Co-conspirator

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The indictment further claims that days before the election, Trump discussed a draft speech with an unindicted co-conspirator, leading to his false claims about voter fraud and election victory.

Never Again!

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Commenters expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One person wrote, “It’s a sure thing that he will never be voted into “OUR” White House ever again. We learn from our mistakes!!”

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