Transgender Rights: Debate Over Sanitary Products in Men’s Restrooms Leads to Public Discussion

Clemson University students are not happy after sanitary hygiene products were removed from the men’s restrooms on campus. Here’s the whole story. 

Protests Ignited

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Some students at Clemson University protest the removal of sanitary hygiene products from male restrooms on campus.

Hygiene Products Were “Quietly Removed”

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Students claim that the hygiene dispensaries were “quietly removed” after the Clemson College Republicans stirred up criticism over them by posting on social media. 

The Clemson College Republicans posted a picture of a dispensary machine on an onlineaccount, saying, “If you weren’t aware already, Clemson University has tampon/pad dispensers in the MEN’S restrooms…we truly live in [clown emoji] world.”

April Cormer Is “Shocked”

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April Cromer, a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, commented on the post saying she was “shocked” these feminine products were put in men’s restrooms on campus in the first place.

Males Can’t Be Female

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In her comment on the post by Clemson College Republicans, Cromer said, “Males can’t be female, ever, period!” 

Annual Take Back Pride March

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Take Back Pride hosts a march at Clemson University every year, and this year, their march was centered around the university’s decision to remove sanitary products from the men’s restrooms. 

“Hello, This Is the 21st Century”

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About 50 students participated in the protest on the Clemson University campus. One student held a sign that read, “Hello, this is the 21st century.”


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Take Back Pride said the dispensary machines were vandalized shortly after the Clemson College Republicans post. 

Reinstate Menstrual Products

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The student who organized the protest, Pan Tankersley, said they were “marching for the reinstatement of the menstrual products in the men’s restrooms in Cooper Library and throughout campus.”

Support From the Community

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Tankersley said that “queer people” were “not just going to magically disappear” from the campus, so they should receive “support from the community.”

Demands for Clemson University

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On Take Back Pride’s online account, they listed several “demands” for the university, including “formal repercussions towards the Clemson College Republicans for contributing to a campus climate that encourages transphobic rhetoric and jeopardizes the safety of LGBTQIA+ students.” 

Transgender Students Aren’t Safe

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Tankersley said transgender students “are not safe” on campus and experience “harassment.”

The Post Made Things Worse

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The post made by Clemson College Republicans has made things more complicated for transgender students, according to Tankersley. 

Protect the Students

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Tankersley wants the university to “step up…and protect its students.”

People Don’t Feel Included

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Some students claim that removing sanitary hygiene products from the men’s restrooms “created an environment where people don’t feel included.”

Frivolous College Students

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One person posted saying the protest over the removal of menstrual products was “an example of how frivolous and dim-witted a vast majority of American college students have become.”

Kids With Too Much Free Time

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Another comment said these were “vacuous kids with way too much time on their hands.” 

No Plans to Bring the Dispensers Back

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A university spokesperson said there are currently no plans to reinstall the hygiene dispensers in the male restrooms on campus. 

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