Toronto Baseball Pitcher Outrages Fans With Hunting Pictures With Son

A Toronto Blue Jays baseball pitcher upset some fans when he took his son to hunt geese.  Here’s the whole story. 

Hunting Trip

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When the off-season for baseball started, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Erik Swanson decided to take his little boy on a hunting trip. 

Picture Posted on Instagram 

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Swanson and his son successfully hunted several Canadian geese during their trip to Roseau, Minnesota. The proud father posted a picture on Instagram of him and his son next to several of the deceased birds.

Time for the Outdoors

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Swanson’s Instagram post caption said, “Starting the off-season outdoors!”

Sad and Disturbing 

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Some people were outraged that he posted pictures of the geese he hunted with his son. One person said it was very sad and disturbing.”

Are You Even Going to Eat Them?

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One woman asked Swanson if he “really [needed] food that badly.” She asked, “Are you even going to put them in your freezer and eat them?”

Not Admirable 

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Another person accused Swanson of “teaching [his] child to kill animals,” saying that it was “not admirable at all.”

Hunting Memories

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Not everyone lashed out at Swanson on his post. Many people said it was “awesome” and posted about memories they had of hunting when they were younger. 

Providing for His Family 

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One person said that hunting was a “legal and ethical way” for Swanson to provide for his family while also “making memories” with his son. 

Well Done

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Another comment said, “Well done! Nothing better than sharing the great outdoors with your kids.”

An Article Was Written About Swanson 

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Shortly after Swanson shared his hunting picture on Instagram, a journalist published an article that portrayed him negatively, saying that he posed for a picture “with a pile of dead Canada geese he shot with his kid.”

Swanson Defended Himself 

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After reading the article, Swanson defended himself online. He shared a link to the article the journalist wrote about him and said, “I am an avid hunter/fisherman, and I always will be.”

Important Life Lessons 

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He addressed why he had his son with him, saying he was “teaching him a very important life lesson.”

Food Comes From Somewhere 

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Swanson said he wants his son to know that “the beef, venison, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables all come from somewhere, not just the grocery store.”

His Son Will Know Where His Food Came From

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Swanson added a comment to his post that said when his son “harvests his own food,” he will know “exactly where his food is coming from and what’s in it.”

It’s Not Only From the Grocery Store

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Swanson also told his followers, “Next time you go to the grocery store or restaurant… remember that it had to come from somewhere.”

Over His Limit

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Swanson didn’t stop there. He added a second comment to his post addressing those who were “worried” about him being “over [his] limit” on geese in the picture.

Swanson Disagreed

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Swanson said he was “in a group with seven legal hunters,” and the “limit per person is five geese a day” in Minnesota. 

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