Stern vs. Trump: Radio Host’s Witty Comeback to Trump’s ‘Broken Weirdo’ Comment

Howard Stern responded to Donald Trump’s recent online comments, where Trump criticized Stern as a “broken weirdo” and labeled him “disloyal.”

A Spirited Response

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Howard Stern, the well-known radio host, addressed a recent post by former President Donald Trump. Trump had criticized Stern, calling him a ‘broken weirdo’ and ‘disloyal.’

He Talked About the Incident on His Radio Show

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Stern took to his SiriusXM show to share his thoughts on the matter, expressing both amusement and bemusement over the fact that the 45th President of the United States would take the time to write about him.

‘My Thought Was – What?’

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In his characteristic candid and humorous style, Stern remarked, “My thought was — What?

Imagine you got to be the 45th president of the United States, and you’re sitting and writing about Howard Stern.” 

He Found It Amusing

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Stern expressed amusement over the situation, noting that Trump’s comments appeared to be in response to discussions about Stern on conservative media platforms.

It All Started When He Called Himself ‘Woke’

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The radio host, known for his unabashed commentary and candid interviews, had ignited the controversy when he declared himself “woke” in response to a YouTube commenter who had criticized his perceived leftward shift. 

‘I Am Woke…and I Love It’

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Stern had responded, “I am woke [] and I love it!” Trump, in his own post, took issue with Stern’s supposed disloyalty and his ideological shift.

Embracing His New Outlook

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Stern continued to embrace his “woke” identity during his show. 

The Reasons Behind His Wokeness

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He explained, “If woke means I can’t get behind Trump, which is what I think it means, or that I support people who want to be transgender or I’m for the vaccine, dude, call me woke as you want.” 

He Takes It as a Compliment

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Stern seemed to view being labeled as “woke” as something of a compliment, further cementing his positions on various social and political issues.

Trump Criticized His Political Stance

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In his post, Trump extended his criticism beyond Stern’s political views, making personal remarks as well.

‘Howard Stern is Weak’

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The former president wrote, “The real Howard Stern is a weak, pathetic, and disloyal guy, who lost his friends and MUCH of his audience.” 

Trump Says He’s Losing His Audience 

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He went on to claim that Stern’s influence had waned since he went “woke” and that he was trying hard to remain relevant.

This Isn’t Stern’s Only Recent Feud

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In addition to his back-and-forth with Trump, Stern found himself severing ties with another former friend, Bill Maher, over comments Maher made about Stern’s second marriage to Beth Ostrosky. 

Maher Questioned His Love 

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Maher questioned Stern’s constant declarations of love for his wife Beth, suggesting that Stern might be trying to compensate for something related to his previous marriage. 

Stern Called Him Sexist

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Stern took offense to these comments, labeling them “sexist” and “convoluted.” 

He Warned Him to ‘Shut’ His Mouth

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Stern responded strongly to Maher’s comments, advising him to refrain from making such remarks.

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