St. Louis Ranked as Most Dangerous City in Recent WalletHub Study

A recent study by WalletHub has shed light on the safest and most dangerous cities in the United States, and it’s terrible news for St. Louis. Read on for more.

Safe As Houses

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Safety is a paramount concern for anyone choosing a place to call home. According to a study by WalletHub, the safest city in the U.S. is Nashua, New Hampshire, closely followed by Columbia, Maryland, and South Burlington, Vermont.

These cities offer a tranquil life with fewer risks, making them ideal for those seeking a secure environment. 

Indicators of Safety

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“In the study, we considered 41 key indicators of safety, from the presence of terrorist attacks to the number of mass shootings, traffic, and pedestrian fatalities per capita,” WalletHub states.

From Natural Disasters to Unemployment

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This comprehensive approach also included assessing the risk of natural disasters, unemployment rates, the share of uninsured drivers, and foreclosure rates. 

What’s Left Out?

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Safety rankings don’t always paint a complete picture, however. It’s important to note that this study focused exclusively on the cities and didn’t account for their entire metropolitan areas. 

High Crime Challenges

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According to the WalletHub study, St. Louis was ranked as the least safe city, a finding that considers various safety metrics.

In Built Bias

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City safety is a complex matter, and studies like WalletHub’s attempt to simplify multifaceted issues. These studies make choices in weighting various factors, which can sometimes reveal inherent biases. 

Less Cops, More Safe?

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One such finding raised eyebrows. The study points to St. Louis having a high police presence, ranking it tied for No. 1 in law enforcement employees per capita.

The study’s methodology, which considers high police presence as a factor in safety rankings, has raised questions about its implications for city safety assessments.

Some Data Missing

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Notably, the study did not include a ‘natural disaster risk’ score for St. Louis, a point that some have highlighted as a gap in the data.

In the face of a potential natural disaster, the absence of these risk levels might call the ranking into question. 

Safety Debate

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The study’s findings draw attention to a larger debate around safety. Various policies, including sanctuary city policies and reduced law enforcement funding, have been implemented in many major U.S. cities.

Critics argue that these policies have contributed to rising crime, homelessness, and drug use, leading to business closures and job losses. 

Gun Control Failures

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St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones commented on the perceived ineffectiveness of gun control measures in other major cities. During a press conference, gunshots could be heard in the background, underscoring the gravity of the issue. 

Good Luck Sleeping

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“I hear gunshots in my neighborhood every night,” remarked Mayor Jones, “It’s unfortunate, yes I heard it, but I didn’t flinch. I guess because it’s a part of my life now.” 

Dynamic and Disastrous

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City safety varies greatly in a country as diverse and dynamic as the United States.

While some cities top the list as the safest places to live, others, like St. Louis, face challenges of safety and security, which negatively affect those who call that city home. 

Democratic City, Republican Governor

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Online, the WalletHub study led to much controversy, with comments mainly showcasing the political divide in the country.

One person commented, “Don’t fall for this tired talking point. ‘Dem Cities’ is a distraction from ‘Republican Governors’.”

No Consequences

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Another took a different view of the study, posting, “It’s the same in every major city that has been under democratic control for decades. I bet those firing the gunshots the mayor heard while speaking were arrested and released to strike again with no bail before the mayor finished speaking to do it all again.”

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Others took issue with the study itself, with one comment reading, “I can say having lived in Nashua, NH (safest) that you can not compare Nashua with a population of 60,000 to St. Louis or any large city.”

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