Capitol Rioter Rachel Powell Sentenced to Over Four Years in Prison for January 6 Involvement

In a significant development following the events of January 6, a prominent figure in the U.S. Capitol riot, Rachel Powell, has received a substantial prison sentence. Read on to find out more.


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A Jan. 6 defendant, Rachel Powell, who played a prominent role in the U.S. Capitol riot by smashing a window and using a bullhorn to direct others on how to breach the building, has been sentenced to more than four years in prison. 

“Deep Remorse”

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In her early 40s, Rachel Powell faced nine federal counts and was convicted in July after a bench trial.

In an emotionally charged statement during her sentencing, she expressed deep remorse for her actions and regretted participating in the riot.

Unlucky Hat

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Powell, a mother of eight and grandmother of six from Pennsylvania, had recently received a personalized hat from former President Donald Trump. 

Eight Years

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Federal prosecutors had sought an eight-year prison sentence for Powell, citing her intense commitment to keeping former President Trump in power after his election loss in 2020. 

Engaging In Surveillance

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Prosecutors also noted that she had engaged in surveillance activities at a female legislator’s residence before participating in the attack on the Capitol. However, Powell ultimately received a sentence of 57 months. 

Coordinate To Take The Building

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On January 6, 2021, Powell played a pivotal role in the violent events at the U.S. Capitol.

She actively pushed against a police line and called other rioters to join her.

She used a bullhorn to bring some order to the chaotic scene. She shouted instructions such as, “Coordinate together if you’re going to take the building.”

“War To Get In”

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In the aftermath of the riot, Powell’s statements initially conveyed a different sentiment.

She described it as a “war to get in,” expressed that the rioters were not welcome, and claimed that police had to retreat and fight against relentless patriots.

“Remorse and Regret”

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Rachel Powell had been under home detention after violating her pre-trial conditions of release.

During her sentencing, she acknowledged her remorse and regret, particularly regarding the impact on her family.

Politics Takes A Dark Turn

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Powell also acknowledged that the country’s political environment had taken a dark turn and that this toxicity had influenced her.

She expressed her realization that succumbing to these emotions had led to disaster.

Remorse Delayed

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In response to Powell’s statement, Judge Royce Lamberth noted that she had expressed the right sentiments during the sentencing but wished that she had done so earlier.

He remarked that Powell had managed to evade significant consequences for a considerable time, even with pre-trial release violations.

Happy Christmas

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Nevertheless, he allowed her to surrender after the holidays, just ahead of the three-year anniversary of her crime involvement.

Expensive Hat

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Online, the news led to several different posters commenting on what they thought of the news.

One commenter, who supported the incarceration of Powell, posted, “Felony conviction and four years in prison. Was Trump worth it?”

Another said more simply “That was an expensive hat!”

“So Gullible”

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However, some online posted their support for the convicted insurrectionist.

One said “Many people received a signed Trump cap during his campaign… But all of his haters are lapping it up; so gullible.”

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