Protected Status Debate: Texas Soldier Attack by Migrants Raises Security Questions

Shortly after the Biden administration announced Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans in the U.S. illegally, two Venezuelan migrants attacked a Texas National Guard soldier at the border. Here’s the whole story. 

Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans

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In September, the Biden administration announced Temporary Protected Status for over 470,000 Venezuelan nationals already in the United States.

Protection From Deportation

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The Temporary Protected Status allowed thousands of Venezuelan nationals to obtain work permits and protected them from being deported.

Qualifications to Be Protected

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Venezuelans had to be in the United States before July 31, 2023 to qualify for protected status.

Deportation Flights to Venezuela Begin

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The Biden administration says they will begin “deportation flights to Venezuela” for those without authorization to be in the U.S. However, Venezuelans continue to cross the border into the U.S. illegally in record-breaking numbers.

Attack at the Border

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Recently, a 38-year-old Venezuelan woman and a 33-year-old Venezuelan man attacked a Texas National Guard soldier in El Paso near the Rio Grande River at the Texas-Mexico border. 

Soldier Pushed Into Razor Wire

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The soldier was standing near the razor wire set up by authorities when the female migrant grabbed him by the neck, and the male migrant grabbed his leg, causing the soldier to fall into the razor wire.

She “Grabbed Him by the Neck”

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According to the soldier attacked the female migrant “rushed up to him and grabbed him by the neck, attempting to push him down.”

The Male Migrant Grabbed His Leg

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He said that after the female migrant attacked him, the male migrant “grabbed his left leg, causing him to fall into the concertina wire.”

Texas Dps Trooper Arrives to Assist

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The Texas DPS Trooper who arrived on the scene after responding to a radio call said he “observed a soldier who had his left pant leg up and had a white bandage wrapped around the front of his left knee.”

Assault Charges

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The two Venezuelan migrants were charged with assault. However, the woman was allowed to go free because she was traveling with children. The male received a $3,500 bond.

Former Ice Field Office Director Speaks Out

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The decision to release the woman migrant caused outrage from critics. A former Field Office Director, John Fabbricatore, spoke out against the situation. 

A u.s. Citizen “Would Be In Jail”

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Online, Fabbricatore called the situation “outrageous” and said, “If any citizen had violently assaulted a solider and caused injury, their children would be in state custody, and they would be in jail!”

“Two-Tiered Justice System”

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Fabbricatore said the female migrant “should have been detained in a family facility with the children” since there are “soft-sided facilities for adults with minors.”

He said the United States has a “two-tiered justice system in which illegal aliens are benefiting.” 

Notice to Appear

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According to Fabbricatore’s previous experience working for ICE, he said the female migrant was “probably given a ‘Notice to Appear’ at a later date by immigration.”

Were the Children Actually Hers?

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In a separate post, Fabbricatore questioned if the female migrant was “DNA tested to determine if the children were really hers.” 

Was a Familial Connection Determined?

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One person replied to Fabbricatore’s post, saying, “So we gave her a strongly worded letter and let her proceed with her child trafficking job?”

He was concerned that officials didn’t confirm the children had a “familial connection” with the female migrant.

The Government Needs to Protect Its Citizens

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One person commented: “If our federal government can’t or won’t protect its citizens, then it has failed and needs to be replaced.”

This person said they are “tired of watching the victim get punished, while the perpetrator gets rewarded.”

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