Pastor Announces Plans to Open a Christian Military Academy That Will Protect Students From ‘Woke-ism’

A pro-Trump pastor from South Carolina announced his plans to open a Christian military academy that will protect students from “woke teachings.” Here’s the whole story. 

Trump’s Top Pastor

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Mark Burns is a televangelist and pastor of the South Carolina Harvest Praise & Worship Center.

He has a history of being transphobic and anti-LGBTQ+, and Time Magazine said he was “one of Trump’s top pastors.”

Controversial Comments

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In a video posted online, Burns said that “transgenderism” was a “mental disorder” that should be “dealt with by medical professionals” instead of “encouraged by woke-ism.”

Burns Military Academy

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Burns announced his plans to create Burns Military Academy and said it would use curricula based on the “popular” Abeka Curriculum.

Abeka’s website says they provide “excellence in education from a Christian perspective.”

Students Won’t Be Exposed to “Woke” Teachings

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Burns said the school will ensure that students “are not exposed to LGBTQ, CRT, or ‘woke’ teachings.” 

Protect Our Children

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In an interview, Burns said, “I believe it is the obligation of the Body of Christ to protect our children from such liberal unbiblical ideologies.” 

Sinful Lifestyles

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Burns said the school’s focus is “not to wish harm on any LGBTQ persons, but to pray for them and show them the love of Jesus Christ.”

He said the school will teach against “sinful lifestyles that the Bible warns against.”

Pro-American Education

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In his Facebook post, Burns said the school’s mission is “to provide an affordable, pro-American education with a strong emphasis on biblical teachings.”

The School Will Instill Good Morals

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Burns also said the Christian academy would “instill good morals and a love for our country” in the students enrolled.

Will the Students Be Allowed Out in the World?

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Some critics weren’t sure how Burns’ new school would protect students from “LGBTQ, CRT, or ‘woke’ teachings.”

One person asked, “So, he won’t let them go out in the world?”

Surrender All Mobile Devices

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Another person asked if the students would be required “to surrender their mobiles and give up the internet?”

If not, they could still be exposed to the world. 

Academy of Evil

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One person online called the school “an academy of evil” and sarcastically said it sounded like “fun times.”

Someone else said, “Radical religious schools have no space in the US.”

Military-Inspired Uniform

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In the post where he announced the academy’s opening, Burns said the students would “wear a military-inspired uniform” similar to those worn by “cadets at WestPoint and VMI.”

Uniforms for the Entire Family

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Burns also encouraged “parents, grandparents, and mentors to participate by wearing the uniform.”

He said it would “[foster] a sense of community and support,” and he was also “seeking assistance” in having the uniforms made. 

The Return of Donald J. Trump

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Pastor Mark Burns actively advocates for Donald Trump to return to office in 2024.

At a recent ReAwaken America event, Burns told the crowd, “we are getting this nation ready for the return of Donald J. Trump.”

Trumps Warriors

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At the event, Burns said that Trump “called [him] on the phone a couple of days ago” and said he was “ready to come back,” but he needed to “make sure he’s got warriors ready to stand with him.”

Burns Stands With Trump

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Burns said, “We don’t care about those indictments. We don’t care about those arrests.” He made it clear that he stands with Trump.

Evil Public School Systems

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At the end of his speech at the ReAwaken America event, Burns mentioned the “launch” of his new Christian military academy and said that it will “save our children from the evil public school systems.”

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