Nikki Haley Wants You to Work Longer – Is 70 the New 65?

Republican presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, says the retirement age in America needs to be raised in order to get control of the country’s debt. Here’s the full story.

Federal Entitlement Programs

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In the United States, federal entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid account for more than half of all government spending. 

Raise Retirement Age

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Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was asked how she would manage entitlement programs to get control of America’s “soaring debt.”

Her answer was to raise the retirement age from 65.

Retirement Age to Reflect Life Expectancy

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Haley said, “We change retirement age to reflect life expectancy instead of cost of living increases. We do it based on inflation. We limit the benefits on the wealthy, and we expand Medicare Advantage plans.”

“65 Is Way Too Low”

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Haley did not specify what she thought the retirement age should be raised to, but she did say it would be tied to life expectancy. According to Haley, “65 is way too low” for the retirement age.

Don’s Not Buying It

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Don on said, “Try selling that to a 65-year-old person who has been paying into Social Security for the past 45 years.”

Haley Blames Republicans

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Nikki Haley blamed the Republican Party for its role in the increase in federal debt.

She attacked her running mates saying, “You’ve got multiple candidates on that stage that said they wouldn’t touch entitlements.”

America Will Be Bankrupt

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According to Haley, if they don’t adjust the entitlement programs in America, the other candidates are “basically going to go into office and then leave America bankrupt.”

Social Security and Medicare Will Be Bankrupt, Too

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Haley said that Social Security would be bankrupt in ten years and Medicare would be bankrupt in eight. 

Target 20-Year-Olds

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“We don’t touch anyone’s retirement or anyone who’s been promised in,” said Haley.

Her strategy is to tell younger Americans in their 20s that “the rules have changed” when they are coming into the system.

The Rich Are Getting Too Comfortable

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Online one commenter was upset with Haley’s idea to increase the retirement age in America.

She said, “The rich are getting way too comfortable making these pronouncements.”

Tonya challenged Haley to spend a week in her shoes working retail and still suggest the retirement age be raised. 

Not All Jobs Are Desk Jobs

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Another online commenter said, “People who advocate raising retirement age never changed a hotel bed, repaired a transmission, stood 8 hours behind a cash register, painted a house, laid new flooring, etc. for pay in their life. Not all jobs are desk jobs, peeps.”

Lower, Not Higher

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Another said, “Retirement age should be LOWER NOT HIGHER. Why do we work our citizens to the bone?!?!” Americans do not want to spend their entire lives working.

Life Expectancy Is Plummeting

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Manual labor jobs take a toll on people.

Many were confused by her idea to tie Social Security benefits to life expectancy since “life expectancy is plummeting” in the United States. 

Physically Demanding Jobs

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Another commenter said, “It is not pleasant to lay in bed with your back, shoulders, knees, and wrist hurting so badly you can’t sleep after spending all day carpentering.”

His physically demanding job makes him want to retire at 65, not later.

It Doesn’t Make Sense

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There was plenty of controversy surrounding Haley suggesting she would increase the retirement age in the US.

Another said, “So we can afford to send billions to other countries for war, but we can’t afford to pay benefits for…Americans?” This logic didn’t make sense to Rory.

Haley Upset Americans

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According to polls, Haley did better than expected at the GOP’s first presidential candidate debate.

However, the very next day Haley upset a lot of people when she said “65 is way too low” for the retirement age.

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1 thought on “Nikki Haley Wants You to Work Longer – Is 70 the New 65?”

  1. We live in a democratic system where we vote for people who promise to give us more (benefits) and or help us (pay less taxes). The net result, like any budget … deficits. it works for a while, it’s worked for years (decades) … it’s no longer working. The country is 33T in the whole … but thats the good news, the unfunded liabilities are over 200T. Thats around 650,000 of debt for every man , women and child.

    Nicki is on to something: Courage, honesty, practicality

    You want sugar go to a grocery or vote for a typical politician.
    The older gen (people near retirement) have been on the government dole for decades (grants, benefit programs of every stripe, loan assistance, tax loopholes, etc).

    We need courageous new voices with realistic assessments of how we’re going to have to adjust the balance between benefits (ie, entitlements), and resources (income) to arrive at a viable future. That balance is HOW you control inflation … not the reckless spending/attacking the federal reserve to move rates to zero and open our national checkbook to reckless loans like the proliferation of SPACS that stole BILLIONS from us investors and add 7.5T to $ inflation while Trump was in office … the inflation bloodbath followed. Since Trump did it .. Biden piled on … effects cumulative got us here.


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