Immigration’s Toll: Sanctuary Cities Rethink Stance on Policies as They Struggle Under the Strain

“Sanctuary Cities” are starting to struggle under the pressure of mass immigration on their welfare systems and communities. Now, some Liberal politicians are starting to rethink their stances.

A Change in Perspective

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In 2020, Shivanthi Sathanandan, a Democratic Party Official, called for dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department due to systematic failures in serving the black community.

Fast forward to 2023, and Sathanandan, after being carjacked in front of her children, is thanking Minneapolis police officers and urging the need to “take back our city.”

New York and the Black Trump

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams was once a staunch migration advocate but has become a skeptic.

His change of heart is primarily driven by the realization that his city can’t sustain the influx of people availing its services.

The True Costs

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In New York, the “sanctuary city” status that once welcomed migrants has been stretched to its limits, with around 110,000 newcomers seeking assistance.

The financial burden is forcing local agencies to make budget cuts of up to 15 percent, potentially reaching a staggering $12 billion in costs over three years.

Destroying New York City

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In a recent town hall meeting, Mayor Adams said, “Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to,” but “I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City.”

Who Is to Blame?

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Mayor Adams is now pointing fingers at Joe Biden’s administration for lacking an exit strategy and at Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending migrants to Democrat-run cities.

Abbott’s Immigrant Morality

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While some may argue that this approach is unfair, Abbott’s move to redistribute the burden across various cities has sparked debates on its morality and its effect on other cities nationwide.

Struggling Cities

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Chicago, for instance, has taken in around 13,500 migrants at a cost of at least $250 million.

At the same time, Massachusetts declared a state of emergency due to an 80 percent increase in the shelter population.

The Big Apple’s Appeal

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New York’s appeal as a destination for migrants lies in its established connections, global city status, and a potent magnet known as the “right-to-shelter” policy, which legally obligates the city to provide housing to those in need. 

Unintended Consequences

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New York’s generous welfare system has unintentionally encouraged mass migration, and, as seen in San Francisco’s drug policy, such incentives can have unintended consequences.

Failing Systems

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New York City’s experience demonstrates that a generous welfare system can attract migrants.

However, the constant influx can render the system financially and politically unsustainable. This paradox is especially problematic for classic left-wing objectives.

A Democrat City’s Paradox

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In Chicago, a predominantly Democrat city, residents have voiced concerns about shelters in their neighborhoods.

These concerns stem from the fear that additional competition for already limited resources will increase poverty and crime in an already struggling city.

One resident told the New York Times that the idea of a sanctuary city “is wrong… No one is entitled to anything.”

Public Response

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In response to this situation, many people seem to feel like this is what these sanctuary cities deserve for jumping to extreme policies without fully considering the consequences.

Citizens Suffered

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One person commented, “I say nobody helps them; they have to own up to the damage they enabled.

Said lawmakers who enabled this should be stripped of their rank and barred from ever serving public office again. Common citizens suffered because of this ego they carried.”

Lacking Democrat Support

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A second said, “It is amusing how these liberal cities (mostly non-border states) claim to support adding immigrants and say that they are sanctuary cities, until they receive a small surge in immigrants. Then they scream and cry that they can’t handle it.

The border states deal with millions of unwelcomed immigrants every year, and have had no support of Dem politicians, in fact, the Dems have denied that it is an issue.”

Reaping What You Sow

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This person simply stated, “The Liberals sowed a lot of ideas that in some cases took root. Now they are reaping what they sowed and are finding out it is inedible weeds.”

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  1. Democrats are great at telling others what to do. Border cities, MUCH smaller the New York & Chicago, have absorbed millions. They never once considered the cost in money and services…until they get hit with a VERY small percent of the problem. Seems the Democrats “morality” goes out the window when confronted by reality.


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