‘Nonsense Words’ – Governor Sarah Huckabee Bans ‘Woke’ and Anti-Women Terms in Arkansas

The Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, had people on the social media platform X stirred up after she banned “woke” and “anti-women” words in Arkansas. Here’s the whole story. 

Woke Words Banned in Arkansas

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently signed an executive order that bans “the use of woke and  anti-women words for official state government business.”

According to Sanders, “There are things only women can do, like perform the miracle of birth.”

The Left Is Trying to Erase Women

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Shortly after signing the executive order, Sanders posted online. Her post said, “The Left is using nonsense words like ‘pregnant people’ to erase women and girls.” 

Erasing Women’s Voices and Experiences

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Sanders also said that “more importantly,” they were trying to “erase” women’s “voices and experiences.”

Arkansas Banned “Nonsense Words”

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Referring to the Left’s “nonsense words,” Sanders posted online saying, “We just banned those words from Arkansas state government.”

Biology Is Real

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Sanders concluded her post by saying, “Biology is real. Chromosomes are real. Only women can give birth.”

You Banned Words?

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Both sides had strong opinions in the comments section of Sanders’ post.

One person said, “What a waste of resources.” Another person said, “Wait. You, uh, banned words???”

Taking a Stand

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One woman commented on Sanders’ post: “Never thought I’d agree with you on anything, but sure appreciate you taking this stand.”

Long Overdue

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Another woman said, “This is long overdue.” She said she “[challenges] every woman, regardless of political affiliation, to speak out in support.”

Afraid of Words

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One person said Sarah Huckabee Sanders needed “a real job where she doesn’t lay awake being afraid of words.”

The Term “Pregnant People” Is Banned

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One of the “banned” terms included in the executive order is “pregnant people” or “pregnant person.” The executive order says to use “pregnant women” or “pregnant mom” instead. Another term that was “banned” is “chestfeeding.” The recommended replacement term is “breastfeeding.”

Woman Is a Dirty Word

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In a separate post, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “Somewhere along the way, the left decided that woman was a dirty word.”

Political Correctness

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In the same post, Sanders also said, “They’re trying to erase women and girls in the name of political correctness.”

Sanders said she “won’t let that happen in Arkansas.”

Changing Arkansas for the Better

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Sanders’ supporters were cheering her on in the comments.

One person said, “So impressed with you, Governor. You are changing Arkansas for the better.”

Thanked and Commended

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Another comment said, “Women like Governor Sarah…need to be thanked and commended for not backing down to the mob. Keep up the great work.”

Mary Bentley Speaks Out

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Mary Bentley, a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, shared a post from Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying that she “disagreed” with those who “say this wasn’t an important action.”

Must Be Stopped

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The woman also said, “We see it in writings, documents, signage…creeping in on all levels.” This woman wants it “addressed in writing” because “it must be stopped.”

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  1. “Pregnant women vs Pregnant people” If only women can get pregnant, (and I agree that physically that is true) why even say women. Just say, “pregnant”. Consider however, it does take both a man and a woman to cause a pregnancy in a human. I think it is over spoken to say woman or people when speaking of a human pregnancy. Shouldn’t your governor be more concerned about the poor economic and educational status of the people.


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