Exposed: FBI Uncover North Korean IT Workers in U.S. Funneling Funds to Ballistic Missile Program

The FBI and the Department of Justice have uncovered a shocking scheme involving thousands of information technology employees working as contractors in the United States. Covertly employed by North Korea, these workers have funneled millions of dollars from their earnings into the country’s ballistic missile program. 


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In a joint effort with law enforcement agencies, the U.S. government has recently taken action to dismantle this elaborate operation. Here’s what we know:

Covert IT Workers

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The Justice Department revealed a clandestine operation where numerous IT workers, believed to be affiliated with North Korea, were employed by U.S. companies remotely.

This scheme operated in cities like St. Louis, and these IT employees used fake identities to secure their jobs.

Seizure of Assets

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As part of their ongoing investigation, authorities have seized more than $1.5 million and 17 domain names. These assets were likely connected to the illicit operation, marking a significant blow to the criminal network behind it.

Special Agent’s Statement

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Jay Greenberg, the head of the St. Louis FBI office, confirmed that one of the companies involved had hired freelance IT employees who were likely linked to the operation.

This revelation underscores the severity and extent of the issue.

FBI Spokesperson’s Confirmation

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Rebecca Wu, a spokesperson for the FBI, emphasized the widespread nature of this scheme. She stated, “[we] can tell you that there are thousands of North Korean IT workers that are part of this.”

The FBI urged companies to exercise caution when hiring remote IT employees.

Vigilance of Employers

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In light of the situation, the FBI recommended that employers take additional proactive measures when hiring remote IT workers. These steps aim to make it more challenging for malicious actors to conceal their true identities.

Companies Remain Unnamed

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The Associated Press reported that officials have not disclosed the names of the companies that may have hired IT workers connected to North Korea.

Furthermore, investigators have not shared how they initially uncovered the operation.

State Department’s Awareness

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It has come to light that the State Department was aware of the potential for North Korea to acquire essential resources from the U.S. as early as May 2022.

Joint Advisory

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In 2022, the State Department, FBI, and the Department of the Treasury issued an advisory warning that North Koreans might be attempting to “obtain employment while posing as non-North Korean nationals.”

This advisory was a precursor to uncovering the recent IT worker scheme.

Focus On IT Education

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The advisory noted that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had placed an increased focus on education and training in IT-related subjects, suggesting that this initiative was an integral part of their broader strategy.

A Decade-Long Endeavor

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The head of the cybersecurity firm Mandiant, revealed that North Korea’s attempt to leverage U.S. IT jobs to fund its weapons systems has been ongoing for over a decade.

Impact of the Post-COVID World

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Hultquist pointed out that the post-COVID world has created more opportunities for North Korea, as freelancing and remote hiring have become more prevalent, making it easier for them to infiltrate the system.


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The discovery of North Korea’s covert operation to funnel funds into its ballistic missile program through IT workers is a serious concern for national security. 

The collaboration between law enforcement agencies, ongoing investigations, and proactive measures recommended by the FBI are crucial in dismantling this illicit network and preventing future occurrences.

Vigilance among employers and heightened cybersecurity measures are now essential to safeguard U.S. businesses and their sensitive data.

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