Drag Queen School in San Francisco Draws Criticism from Author Over Youth Exposure

Author George Carneal strongly criticizes San Francisco’s plans for a Drag Queen School, expressing concerns about its location, age restrictions, and the perceived dangers of exposing children to the drag world. The discussion on the show raises heated debates about the school’s intentions and the state of San Francisco.

Author Reacts

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George Carneal, author of “From Queer to Christ,” shares his reaction to San Francisco’s New announcement of the first Drag Queen School they plan to open with One America News host Alison Steinberg.

Location of the School

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Alison starts the show by giving a few details released about the school, like it is set to be located in an LGBTQ bar by the name The Stud. 

Age Requirement

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Only persons 21 and older are permitted to attend. 

The Headmistress

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The school’s Headmistress is a biological male who goes by the name Honey Mahogany.

Wears Many Hats

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Interestingly enough, Honey Mahogany also serves as the chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. 

Carneal’s Thoughts

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When Alison turns it over to her guest, asking for his thoughts, Carneal does not disappoint. 

His Rant

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He starts off his reaction rant by listing off not two or three things associated with a transsexual lifestyle but seven different terms you don’t often hear talked about openly in public.

Minds in the Gutter

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Carneal expressed a critical view of liberal attitudes towards sexuality.

Harsh Opinion

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The guest author, Carneal, is not afraid to share his low opinion of the
Democratic Party, when asked if he believed they would actually ID attendees to ensure no one under 21 gains access.

His response was, “Democrats don’t have standards. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on that either.”

Inside Knowledge

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Carneal explains that he once lived with a drag queen and understands the culture and has an insider perspective.

Fun and Expressive

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Carneal says the media only shows one side of the drag lifestyle. It only shows the aspects that are fun, artistic, and expressive.

Darker Side

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Carneal goes on to say that the drag world is very perverse and filthy. He said it is definitely adult-oriented entertainment.

Dangerous World

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Carneal expressed concerns about the influence of the drag world on children, a view that is controversial and not universally accepted.

It Is a Crime

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The author said anybody who would allow a kid to be exposed to this should be arrested; he was dead serious. 

Devil’s Playground

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The host, Alison Steinberg, echoed Carneal’s sentiments about changes in San Francisco, using strong language to describe her perspective.

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