Carlson’s Warning on Border Security: ‘That’s Your Country Being Invaded. It Will Never Be the Same’

Tucker Carlson aired his 30th episode of Tucker Carlson online on Wednesday. In it, he interviews Todd Bensman, a journalist at the border.  

El Paso Border

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He showed a video of the El Paso border, where people are everywhere, running around and yelling. It was similar to what a party might look like.


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Tucker then says, “That’s your country being invaded. It will never be the same.”

Republicans Do Nothing

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Tucker calls out Republicans in Congress and the Republican Governor of Texas for, as he says, “doing nothing” to stop this crisis. 

Democrats Want It

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He further claimed that Democrats want this because he believes it will bring about a one-party country and that they will gain complete control.


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Todd Bensman, a journalist and author of the book “OVERRUN, How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History.” joined Tucker for an interview to discuss what’s happening at our border. 

160 Countries

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He tells Tucker that people from 160 different countries have been crossing our border in record-breaking numbers. He told Tucker that roughly 14,000 immigrants are being apprehended a day.

Released into the United States

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Once apprehended, they are’ processed’ and released into our country.

Thousands of Interviews

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Todd Bensman said he’s interviewed thousands of these immigrants, and in under 24 hours, he sees them getting on a bus to somewhere like New York or elsewhere.

Is This Not an Emergency?

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Tucker asks if people in Texas see this as an emergency. Todd Bensman implied that many are opposed to what’s happening to their cities.

Terrorists Coming In

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Tucker raises the concern that most immigrants are military-age men and wonders if we should fear terrorists crossing the border.

It’s a Crime

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“What’s happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and NGOs responsible for it are criminals who should be punished accordingly,” Tucker Carlson warned the world in his 30th episode.

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