Biden’s Unexpected Vietnam Trip Plan Sends White House Journalists into Overdrive

In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden announced his plan to visit Vietnam “shortly” during a fundraiser in August which sent the White House press staff into a frenzy. Here’s the full story.

The Unexpected News

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The White House Press Corps, a group of journalists assigned to cover all news related to the President of the United States, was caught off guard by Biden’s announcement.

Travel Arrangements

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They had no prior knowledge of his upcoming journey, leaving them scrambling to make necessary travel arrangements and adapt their coverage plans.

Logistical Nightmare

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Before the official announcement of the Vietnam trip on August 28, several journalists from the Press Corps had been assigned to cover the G-20 conference in India.

The sudden change in plans presented them with what many described as a “logistical nightmare.”

They Needed to Act Quickly

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The Press needed to swiftly decide when and where they should be in Vietnam and arrange for expensive charter flights to get there.

Press Freedom in India

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The abrupt shift from India to Vietnam raised questions about whether this decision was influenced by concerns related to press freedom and press access in India.

Karine Jean-Pierre Responded

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the unexpected decision in Hanoi was a result of “issues around press freedom and press access” in India.

Karine Jean-Pierre replied, “I wouldn’t go that far. I think it’s just that it was easier… it was a logistical piece.”

It’s Easier in Vietnam

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She continued, “It’s easier to do, it was just easier to do it in Vietnam … These types of summits happen, the G20 summits happen, it is all-consuming, all hands on deck. And it was just logistically easier to do it there.”

This Won’t Change Anything

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“It wouldn’t have changed anything because it would have just been the president doing a solo press conference.

So, instead of doing it in India, he’s going to be doing it in Hanoi,” she added.

Biden Will Return for the Commemoration

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Jean-Pierre also confirmed that President Biden still intended to return to the United States in time to mark the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

However, the location for this commemoration is Alaska.

Honor Lives Lost

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She said, “He plans to honor the lives lost and the families and loved ones who still feel the pain of the terrible day.

This is something he feels is very important to do. We can only imagine the heartbreak and the pain that the 9/11 families have felt every day for the past 22 years.”

What’s His Business in Vietnam

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Several commenters shared their thoughts on the incident.

One wrote, “I wonder what business The Big Guy and his family have in Vietnam that warrants his presence? It’s all about his 10 percent cut, you know.”

Another Vacation for Lazy Joe

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Another user added, “GREAT!!!! Another vacation!” while a third user commented, “He needs a vacation in a friendly country.”

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