70% of Americans Oppose Trans Athletes Competing by Gender Identity According to Poll

A recent Gallup poll has shed light on the evolving attitudes of Americans toward transgender athlete participation in sports. Here’s the whole story.

The Poll

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The Gallup poll conducted in 2023 reveals a significant shift in public sentiment regarding Trans athlete participation.

There’s an Increase

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Nearly 70 percent of Americans now believe that athletes should compete on teams that align with their birth gender, up from 62 percent in 2021.

Support Have Decreased

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Concurrently, the percentage of individuals advocating for Trans athletes to play on teams matching their current gender identity has decreased from 34 percent in 2021 to 26 percent in 2023.

The Political Portrayal

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Riley Gaines, the director of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, shared that despite its political portrayal, this issue unifies the majority of the American public.

The Argument

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Gaines points out that this should never have become a political battleground. Yet, it stands as a rare point of agreement among the populace.

She said, “The pendulum has swung too far, and people are beginning to see what’s at stake if it continues.”

The Percentage Will Increase

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“The percentage of Americans who disagree with allowing men to compete in women’s sports will only increase, but unfortunately, more girls will be injured, exploited in a locker room, and lose out on opportunities in the meantime,” she continued.

Pro-transgender Policies

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Interestingly, the poll noted that people who personally know a trans person tend to be more accepting of pro-transgender policies.

The Majority Considered It Wrong

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The Gallup survey also delved into Americans’ moral perspectives on changing one’s gender.

In 2023, 55 percent considered it morally wrong, while 43 percent deemed changing one’s gender morally acceptable.

A Major Shift

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This indicates a slight shift from 2021, when the percentages were 51 and 46 percent, respectively.

The Generational Divide

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The generational divide on this issue is evident, with 60 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds finding it morally acceptable compared to 32 percent of those aged 50 and older.

Competitive Fairness

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The Gallup press release highlighted that Americans view trans sports participation more through the lens of competitive fairness than as an issue of trans civil rights.

Not a Good Sign for Trans Athletes

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Even within the Democratic party, where support for LGBTQ+ rights is prevalent, a division exists on whether trans athletes should compete based on birth gender or gender identity.

Political Involvement

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Unsurprisingly, political affiliations play a significant role in shaping opinions on trans-athlete participation.

Republicans and Democrats

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The poll reveals a consistent rise in support among Republicans, with 93 percent in 2023 advocating for athletes to compete according to their birth gender, compared to 86 percent in 2021.

Meanwhile, nearly half of all Democrats surveyed now support athletes playing based on their biological sex, up from 41 percent in 2021.

Among independents, this sentiment increased from 63 to 67 percent.

Legislative Efforts

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The poll’s findings coincide with legislative efforts across the United States.

The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a national ban on biological men competing in women’s sports, a measure President Biden has vowed to veto if it reaches his desk.

The Public Shared Their Views

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Several commenters expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One commenter wrote, “I agree with this, but let’s be real, it affects maybe five people.  It’s an overblown issue. I’ve lived all over the country and have never seen it presented as a local issue.”

New Category

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Another added, “Look, I am for all people to be able to compete. So I propose a biological male category, a biological female category, and an altered freak category. There, that should satisfy everyone!.”

Physicality Is Biologically Different

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A third commented, “I’m a liberal, but do agree males shouldn’t compete with female athletes. Their physicality is biologically different.”

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3 thoughts on “70% of Americans Oppose Trans Athletes Competing by Gender Identity According to Poll”

  1. This whole argument is ridiculous. No sane person would ever agree that a biologically born man who decides to be a female should physically compete with any born female. No transgendered female-to-male would dare to compete against a biological male; they would be completely at a disadvantage and could be considered mentally suicidal. Looking at the future of mankind, a transgendered male-to-female could compete in all age groups from youth groups to senior citizens. Think about Superheroes or scientifically enhanced people competing with regular people. Common sense would prevail then. No athletes taking drugs to enhance their performance are allowed to compete. So why should born men with a natural “drug” strength stronger than any born female be allowed this advantage? Men and women are perfectly matched in all fields except the physical. I consider transgender males-to-females to be too cowardly to compete against born males so they use their manly strength against females. Transgendered females cannot give birth nor fulfill nature’s plan to multiply and continue our species. I think that they should have all the rights that anyone has, including living their chosen lifestyle in every way possible excluding competing against born females. These female records that the transgendered are breaking are all false and set the bar above a born female’s ability. There are mammals, like the Hyenas, where the female is stronger than the male, but this does not apply to us humans. If the transgendered choose not to physically compete against other born males, then let them perform in a special league against other transgendered athletes. Fair is fair, that is why we have weight and size categories in individual sports. We need an additional category that includes the natural birth of sex. This way we can make sure that fair is fair. One thing that the United States and Europe would not allow would be if the “Black, Brown” races decided to be classified as “White” and demanded everything denied them from the time of slavery to the present. Hmmm, what a fiasco that would start.

  2. As a former (male) athlete, I am perplexed by the entire phenomenon of gender dysphoria. I knew I was attracted to boys before I ever thought about girls, and remained bisexual all my life, through two straight marriages. The second was “not till death do us part.” We had one child, who is now happily married.

    But I never gave the slightest thought to actually being female. I was a boy, I was a man, and I remain one today. I played sports in school. I was fast, though awkward. Over the years, through various injuries, my best game remained bowling. I retired when it hurt too much to practice. I was no pro, but a 200+ shooter with money on the telescore.

    I was a grunt laborer, sawmill hand and journeyman trucker days and musician paying his dues nights all my life until at 55, I made a record (CD) that got me on the radar. I’m a bluesman, a specifically male profession, or condition, lol.

    I will say that Ihave reveled in my maleness all my life, but– important– not in any relation to femalemess, and certainly not superiority. Women, including black women, and nuns, raised me much more than men did until I was sent away to Boys boarding schools from the eighth grade on.

    The sociologist or psychologist might say, “well, that was two broken homes,” and they’d be right. But the women, my mother. my sainted Aunt Barbara, and the black women around me (this is the last years of Jim Crow in North Carolina. I remember what institutional racism was), did their best to raise an honorable kid in the best surroundings, including church. They get the credit, no matter that my father was an iconic American defense attorney and provided ideals which I only understood better after I got home from Vietnam.

    I cannot walk in the shoes of someone who thinks they’re the wrong sex, they’ve got the wrong body, but I will stand by their right to make this change.

    When I was a school athlete (besides soccer, I was a fencer), I would have thought it weird to be in competition with a girl who had become a boy. I know I’d feel worse about competing with a boy who had become a girl, which as I understand is the cause of much of the controversy.

    It’s a huge, trans-social phenomenon, there must be hundreds of thousands of parents of trans-gendered children, thousands of doctors and therapists overseeing the changing process, so the issue may not be dismissed lightly.

    English site, eh? I fondly remember all my travels there. I’ve played and sung from Newcastle to Land’s End and South Devon, from Liverpool to Calais. By derivation I’m a Man of Kent.

  3. It is one thing to support or incude those who wish to be identify as a different gender then the one to which born but the scientific reality that is in spite of those wishes and in spite of hormone therapy or lack of it there are real scientific differences in male/female bodies in spite of wishful thinking which make it absolutely unfair to follow the policy of allowing a biological male to compete as a female. Males have significantly greater lung capacity which is an obvious advantage in any sport involving the transport of oxygen to the heart or muscles. They have a higher hemoglobin which is the part of the blood which transports oxygen, they have higher muscle to fat ratios in body composition and the list goes on. The truth is that if a male TRULY identified as a female, he would not want to ignore all of these facts and insist on competing against cisgendered females when females have fought for years to have their own level playing field to be included in sports. He/she would understand not only the unfair advantage but the insult to women currently and all the courageous females who have fought for years for the ability to compete on a level playing field. Show true courage and compete as the sex with which you were born!! PS Why are there not legions of females who are trans males fighting to compete as males rather then females in athletics? The answer is obvious, of course!


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