Chinese Billions Buy Base In Cuba – Should We Be Worried?

In recent weeks, Chinese and Cuban officials have conspired to establish a Chinese foothold on the Caribbean island, raising concerns about US security.

Base Plans Spark Anxiety

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The United States government has disclosed that these two nations are currently negotiating the terms of an agreement to set up a base located just 100 miles off the coast of southern Florida.

Although details about the negotiation and the progress of the base’s construction remain scarce, the revelation has sparked anxieties reminiscent of the Cold War era.

The Threat of Attack

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Cuba and China boast a robust history of successful trade, investments, and international credit. Since the 1990s, this relationship has steadily strengthened, positioning Cuba as one of China’s major trading partners in the region.

Privacy Concerns

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China’s commitment to global infrastructure development is well-documented, and the establishment of this new base would grant the Chinese government access to electronic communications within the United States.

The potential breach of privacy concerning shipping traffic, major industries, and military communications—referred to as signals intelligence—raises significant concerns.

The Big Question Is: What Will President Biden Do About It?

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In an attempt to alleviate tension between the US and China, the Biden administration has made some recent responses.

In February, a high-altitude spy balloon from the Chinese government infiltrated US airspace but was swiftly neutralized by the US military. Before the incident, precautions had been taken to safeguard American interests against information theft.

Spy Threat

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These spy balloons are believed to have the capacity to instantaneously transmit data back to China, making decisions on military actions a matter of careful deliberation.

As a result of this incident, a high-ranking official canceled a planned diplomatic visit to China, casting doubts on the upcoming visit by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Met With Silence

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The Biden administration at first refrained from issuing an official statement, citing their focus on limiting the possibility of Chinese dominance and ensuring the highest levels of security for US citizens.

Thus far, President Biden has taken no direct action toward repairing relations or escalating hostilities, opting to prioritize the protection of the American people.

Is a Second Cold War on the Horizon?

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Many experts speculate that these recent incidents may mark the beginning of a second Cold War.

US Senator Marco Rubio expressed his concerns on Twitter, stating, “The threat from Cuba to America isn’t just real, it is far worse than this.”

Breach of Borders

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A confidential source informed CNN that Cuba has already breached US borders through secret police stations, further heightening tension.

The CIA has declined to comment on the matter. 

Communist Cuba Needs Help

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A long history of communist rule has shaped the island nation of Cuba, a nation which now finds itself in the throes of its most severe economic crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The government has been desperately striving to revive the shattered economy and transform the nation into a stable, developed country. 

Financial Crisis In Cuba

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Historically, Cuba has relied on income from tourism and contributions from professional Cuban expatriates. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a devastating blow, with tourism in Cuba plummeting by 75%.

Billions of Dollars Paid

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Given Cuba’s desperate need for immediate support, it becomes understandable why they would entertain the idea of allowing a Chinese base on their soil.

The Wall Street Journal reported that China has offered Cuba “several billion dollars” to facilitate the operation.

Different Presidents, Different Priorities

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US-Cuba relations have remained hostile for nearly half a century, with only recent attempts to bridge the divide.

President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba in 2016 marked the first visit by a US president since 1928, signifying a potential turning point in relations. 

Cuba Listed as Terrorist State

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However, with the election of President Trump in the same year, travel and business bans that had been in place for decades were swiftly reinstated.

Furthermore, a policy was enacted that restricted Cuban-Americans from making personal monetary transfers, and Cuba was placed on the list of “state sponsors of terrorism,” further isolating them from international trade and finance discussions.

What Will Come of This?

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As tensions escalate and the Chinese base in Cuba looms on the horizon, the United States stands at a critical crossroads.

President Biden faces an unenviable task—navigating treacherous waters and making decisions that will impact Cuban and American people. 

Will He Rise to the Challenge?

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Will he rise to the occasion, taking decisive action to safeguard American security?

Or will he tread cautiously, seeking diplomatic solutions in the face of this growing threat?

The future of diplomacy is at stake, and only time will reveal whether history will repeat itself or a new path will be forged.

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