Transgender Miss Universe Contestants Make History Competing for and Winning the Crown

This year, the Miss Universe competition will have at least two transgender women competing for the crown. Here’s the whole story. Crowned Miss Portugal Marina Machete was recently crowned Miss Portugal, becoming the first transgender contestant to win that title.  Proud Trans Woman Before she won the Miss Portugal competition, Machete posted on her Instagram … Read more

“No One Will Take a Baby at 9 Months for an Abortion” – Whoopi Goldberg Slams Republican Congresswomen’s Pro-Life Views

Whoopi Goldberg and her guest engage in a fierce discussion about abortion in America. Full story.  Be Our Guest Whoopi Goldberg helped welcome Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, onto the set of The View recently. Differing Opinions Goldberg challenged Mace almost right away about her stance on abortion. Goldberg is pro-choice, … Read more

Burning Crosses and Black Saints? Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ Receives a Very Different Reaction 40 Years On!

In a stunning resurgence, Madonna, the iconic Queen of Pop, emerges from the shadows as Pepsi unearths a once-banned ’80s gem at the MTV VMAs. Unbottling a Controversial Past Madonna, the irreplaceable Queen of Pop, has stepped back into the limelight with a sassy grin after Pepsi dug up her once-banned gem from the ’80s … Read more

Non-Consensual Kiss: President Finally Resigns After Huge Pressure to Step Down

After a non-consensual kiss between Spain’s Football President and one of the female players, critics are outraged and calling for his resignation. Here’s the full story. Spain Beats Australia After the women’s national team from Spain beat Australia in the Women’s World Cup, Spain’s Football President kissed one of the female players on the lips.  … Read more

Adidas Accused of “Erasing Women” After Using a “Male Looking Model” to Launch Range of Women’s Swimwear

Sportswear giant Adidas has found itself at the center of controversy and calls for a boycott after releasing a new range of women’s swimwear featuring a model who appears to be a man. Here’s the full story. The company has been accused of “erasing women” and has become the latest target of conservative criticism regarding … Read more

Pregnant Women Who Are Black, Low-Income or Tattooed Are More Likely to Be Drug Tested During Pregnancy Without Consent According to Doctors

Prepare to be shocked as a new mom’s explosive TikTok video sheds light on a concerning practice happening behind closed doors in hospitals.  Without Consent In a brave and candid discussion, she exposes her personal experience of being medically profiled during her pregnancy, revealing the alarming revelation that pregnant patients are being secretly subjected to … Read more