Robot Revolution: Josh Shapiro Unveils AI Integration in Pennsylvania’s Government System

Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro announced on Wednesday that the Pennsylvania state government is poised to integrate artificial intelligence into its operations. Here’s the whole story. The News Conference At a news conference at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Governor Shapiro explained the need for the state’s administration to engage with AI proactively. A Comprehensive Plan … Read more

“We Will Be Watching” – Elon Musk’s X Faces EU Ban Over Highest Rate of Misinformation and Fake News

The European Union (EU) has issued a stern warning to billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), urging compliance with the recently enacted Digital Services Act (DSA). Along with the DSA, a comprehensive report revealed the extent of disinformation across the EU. The report revealed that the highest ratio of disinformation … Read more

Are Electric Vehicles “Currently Useless?” – Toyota Commits to Hybrid Tech as the Way to Reduce Car Emissions, NOT Expensive EVs

The automotive industry is at a crossroads as it grapples with the imperative to reduce carbon emissions. While electric vehicles (EVs) often steal the spotlight, the debate rages on about the most effective approach to decarbonization.  Toyota’s Hybrids Once upon a time, Toyota blazed the trail into energy-efficient cars with its groundbreaking hybrid, the Prius. … Read more

LGBTQ+ Victims of Military Policy ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Are to Be Compensated for Years of Discrimination

The Pentagon is beginning a new effort to contact former service members who may have been forced out of the military and deprived of years of benefits due to policies targeting their sexual orientation, starting with those targeted under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Here’s the whole story. Correct Their Records On Wednesday, the … Read more

Mother Resorts to ChatGPT After 17 Doctors Fail to Diagnose Son’s Condition – Is This the Future of Medicine?

ChatGPT helped a mother determine what was causing her son’s debilitating pain that had been ongoing for three years after 17 Doctors had failed to diagnose the cause of his chronic pain. Here’s the details of this miracle. Symptoms Started at 4 Years Old Courtney, who chose not to reveal her last name, told Today … Read more

“Indoctrination” – Religious Father Blasts Schools for Forcing Gender Ideology and Responds to ‘White’ Supremacy Claims

In Maryland, a Muslim father, Kareem Monib, a father of four sons, has taken a stand against what he views as the imposition of gender ideology in classrooms. Here’s the full story. The Problem The controversy began when the Maryland House of Delegates voted to allocate state funding for “gender-affirming treatments,” a term that Monib … Read more

Laughable: Biden’s Secretary ‘Green’ Road Trip to Promote Electric Vehicles May Have Done Exactly the Opposite!

Biden wants to “transition” America to electric vehicles, but his own Secretary of Energy ran into issues trying to take an electric car on a multi-state road trip. Here’s the full story. Four-Day Road Trip The United States Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, set out on a four-day road trip from North Carolina to Tennessee … Read more

Is Russia’s Cold Grip Slipping? China and Turkey Are Capitalizing on Moscow’s Waning Influence in Central Asia Amid Ukraine Crisis

As Russia continues its conflict in Ukraine, its influence over its closest allies is dwindling, with China and Turkey taking full advantage of the situation. Central Asia These regions are home to countries with deep historical, cultural, and financial bonds to Russia, with many having once been part of the Soviet Union.  CSTO Most of … Read more

State House Scandal: Virginia Candidate Shares Intimate Moments Online for Cash on 9/11

A Virginia Democratic candidate for the state’s House of Delegates performed sex acts with her husband online and asked her virtual audience to “tip” them. Here’s the story.  Tip Money A Virginia Democratic candidate running for the commonwealth’s House of Delegates has been accused of performing sex acts with her husband in front of an … Read more