Racial Bias: Media Reporting in Eric Devalkenaere Case Raises Questions on Justice Impartiality

In America’s newsrooms, a growing concern surrounds the issue of racial bias in reporting. How news stories are framed can significantly impact public perception and, subsequently, the outcomes of criminal cases. Kansas City Police Officer This concern has been particularly highlighted in the case of Eric DeValkenaere, a veteran Kansas City police officer, whose actions … Read more

Braun Causes Division for Featuring Trans Man in Shaving Ad

In a move towards inclusivity, Braun’s recent advert for their Hybrid Trimmers featuring a Trans man has ignited a controversial debate. Here’s the whole story. The Ad The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has confirmed the reception of complaints about the advert, prompting a review. The ad featured a Trans model displaying his double mastectomy scars. … Read more

Study Claims that White Christians Are Concerned About ‘Non-Existent Racial Discrimination’

As recent Pew Research Center data reveals White Christians are more concerned about non-existent racial discrimination, while non-White Protestants and non-Christian religious individuals think the bigger issue is genuine racism. A New Survey In April, Pew conducted a survey asking Americans what they considered the bigger issue with racism: overlooking racism when it exists or … Read more

Trans Athletes Bill Raises Concerns Among Parents and Labeled as ‘Selfishness’ by State Representative

In response to concerns raised by some parents during a recent bill hearing on Trans athletes, state representative Dave Considine controversially labeled such concerns “selfishness.” Here’s the whole story. The New Bill A recent move by the Wisconsin State Assembly, voting in favor of legislation to ban gender transition procedures for minors and prevent biological … Read more

“They Don’t Like Jesus!” – Evangelical Leader Slams Christians for Calling Out Bible Teachings as Weak

Russell Moore, the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today and a prominent evangelical leader, has raised a poignant alarm about the direction in which Christianity is heading. Here’s the whole story. Christianity Is Veering Too Far to the Right Moore believes evangelical Christianity is veering too far to the right, where even the teachings of Jesus, as … Read more

Pope Goes Woke? Pope Francis Has Some Brutal Words for American Conservatives

Pope Francis has delivered a powerful message aimed squarely at conservatives within the U.S. Catholic Church as he argued they put their ideologies over their faith. Faith vs. Ideology The Pope minced no words, asserting that US catholic conservatives have veered off course, prioritizing ideology over genuine faith. A New Perspective on Catholics Francis went … Read more

“Insults Every Woman on the Planet” – Transgender Cyclist Crowned as the ONLY ‘Powerhouse’ Sportswoman

Vogue magazine has recently stirred controversy by featuring transgender cyclist Emily Bridges as the sole sportswoman on its list of the top 25 “powerhouse” women. Here’s the full story. The Transgender Cyclist In the magazine’s September issue, Bridges shared the spotlight with accomplished individuals from various fields, including pop star Raye, BBC broadcaster Naga Munchetty, … Read more

“Unfair” – Transgender Powerlifter Smashes Another World Record

A trans woman has made the headlines by obliterating another powerlifting title in the women’s competition, but now an ambassador for women’s powerlifting has hit back at the champion, calling it “unfair.” Record-Breaking Triumph Leaves Athletes Stunned Anne Andres, a 40-year-old transwoman, etched her name into sports history with an extraordinary display of strength at … Read more

Religious Father Claims “Indoctrination” and Accuses Schools of Forcing Gender Ideology on Kids

In Maryland, a Muslim father, Kareem Monib, a father of four sons, has taken a stand against what he views as the imposition of gender ideology in classrooms. Here’s the full story. The Problem The controversy began when the Maryland House of Delegates voted to allocate state funding for “gender-affirming treatments,” a term that Monib … Read more

A Culture of Silence: Only ONE Black Pilot in the Marine Corps? Yet Nobody’s Talking About It.

While the Marine Corps has made efforts to become more diverse, the number of Black fighter pilots remains disproportionally low, and many African Americans within the armed forces feel this is a serious problem. A Surprising Question Zach Mullins, a Marine Corps fighter pilot, was once surprised when a man asked him, “Did you know … Read more