Ken Griffin’s Billion-Dollar Vision: Creating the World’s Most Expensive Home in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida, a playground for the rich and famous, is no stranger to opulence. However, billionaire hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin is taking luxury living to a whole new level with his ambitious plans to create the most expensive home on the planet.  Remarkable Already a prominent figure in the seaside town, Griffin’s journey to … Read more

Risk of Recession and Disastrous Debt Levels: President Insists ‘Bidenomics’ IS Working Out for America

Despite the White House’s continuous claims that “Bidenomics” is working successfully to benefit the economy, fears remain high that a recession could be right around the corner due to a sharp rise in inflation, interest rates, and market uncertainty. The Pandemic’s Impact The strain on the U.S. economy began in 2020 due to a number … Read more

Guaranteed Income for Trans People: Tax Dollars ‘GIFT’ Directed to Black and Latino Transgender Individuals

Judicial Watch reveals that San Francisco directs tax dollars towards black and Latino transgender individuals through its “Guaranteed Income for Trans People” (GIFT) program, offering unrestricted financial support. What Is the GIFT Program? The GIFT program was set up to provide financial support to those who identify as transgender and extremely low-income (<30% of Area … Read more

“Wrong on So Many Levels” – Pharmacists File for Bankruptcy After Court Ruling Lays Blame for Opioid Crisis

Amid mounting debt, dwindling sales, and legal battles, Rite Aid, a prominent U.S. pharmacy chain, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, accompanied by a commitment for $3.45 billion in new financing.  Addressing Debt The bankruptcy filing and new financing commitment is essential to address an overwhelming debt of over $8.6 billion and resolve numerous lawsuits, … Read more

“Unfair” – New Real Estate Tax May Help Out the Homeless but Is Likely to Increase the Burden on the Housing Market

Property buyers in the Windy City could be hit with a new tax increase when they purchase properties over $1 million. Here’s the whole story.  Tax Increase to Benefit the Homeless In Chicago, the “Bring Chicago Home” plan originally suggested the real estate transfer tax increase from 0.75% to 2.65% only for property purchases over … Read more

Historically High Mortgage Rates Aren’t Hampering Real Estate Investment Popularity

Despite historic highs in American mortgage rates, real estate investing remains strong.  According to a new study examining all industries within the S&P 500 Index, real estate investment still sees excellent returns, with an overall ranking of sixth best.  Recent data released by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, reveals that an … Read more

How To Reclaim Your Weekends Without Sacrificing Work Performance

The elusive weekend off: something that more and more employees are kissing goodbye in favor of high job performance. The catch-22 of working through the weekend is that allowing your work hours to bleed into downtime can negatively affect performance, rendering that extra effort moot.  The better option is to maximize your productivity at the … Read more