Building a Brighter Future: Lego Launches Braille Bricks for the Blind in Heroic Step Towards Inclusivity

In a groundbreaking move that combines playfulness with education, LEGO has launched braille bricks designed to teach the Braille alphabet. After four years of meticulous development and testing, these bricks are not just a boon for the blind but a tool for learners of all abilities. 

The Layout

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LEGO’s new “Play with Braille” set features both the Braille letters and numbers and the corresponding symbol or letter. 

Made for Everyone

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This combination makes Braille accessible to everyone, irrespective of their sight, while turning the process of learning Braille into a kinesthetic adventure.

Isolated From Family

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When navigating a world filled with visual stimuli, being blind or partially sighted can feel isolating, especially when your family is sighted. 

President of the WBU Speaks Out

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Martin Abel-Williamson, the President of the World Blind Union shares, For blind and partially sighted children, and adults for that matter, it makes all the difference if they can share their journey of learning braille with the people they love the most.” 

More Than Literacy

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Abel-Williamson continues, “For the blind community, braille is not just literacy; it’s our entry to independence and inclusion into this world.” 

Free Lego Sets for the Blind

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During the testing phase, LEGO’s innovative Braille Bricks were donated by the LEGO foundation to organizations and schools that provide specialized support for children with visual impairments, and the results speak for themselves. 

Changing Family Time

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The impact of LEGO Braille Bricks is palpable in the lives of children like Olivia. Lisa Taylor, a mother of two daughters, recounts how Olivia’s introduction to these bricks at school sparked her curiosity for braille. “We can now play with braille together as a family, and she can introduce braille to her little sister in a way they both love,” Lisa shares. 

Build on Older Sets

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Thankfully, these bricks are completely compatible with other LEGO sets. Now families like the Taylors can integrate their old lego sets with the new braille versions, allowing for bigger and more inclusive builds.

No More Playing Alone

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Lisa Taylor shares, “Braille bricks are accessible for her without being really different for other kids, so she gets to play and learn just like every other child.” 

What’s Included?

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The “Play with Braille” set, designed for children aged 6 and older, contains 287 bricks in five vibrant colors, accompanied by two baseplates for creative building. Priced at $89.99 (79.99 GBP), this set is exclusively available online at

Guides and Games Available

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To guide families on their braille adventure, a series of 108 play starters are available on the LEGO website. 

Get Moving

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These interactive activities teach players how to orient, attach, and stack the bricks, all while playing beloved games like Tic-Tac-Toe. Other activities on the LEGO website include Body Braille Twister, Battle, Rock Paper Scissors  and Golden Nugget. 

Learn With Lego

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LEGO even found ways to incorporate academic lessons on multiplication and division, vowel and consonant identification, syllable counting and more. 

Short and Sweet

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The videos range from 5-30 minutes long, and can be done at home or in the classroom. 

Be My Eyes

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In a further commitment to inclusivity, the LEGO Group has partnered with the Be My Eyes mobile app. This app connects blind and partially sighted individuals with companies for live video calls to assist with everyday tasks. 

24/7 Support

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LEGO Customer Service colleagues will provide confidential live visual assistance through the app, offering general product support. 

Building a Brighter Future

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Every child deserves to experience the world through play. Hopefully, other toy companies will take a page from LEGO’s playbook and create more Braille-friendly toys in the future.

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